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爱马仕 Rogue Hermes 限量版 缎光唇膏 Rose Pommette 32

$620.00 $500.00

Rose Ombré, Rose Pommette and Rose Nuit form the second limited edition collection of Rouge Hermès. Three beauty objects, lacquered in a palette of light and shade. Three colors on the theme of pink, imbued with a vivid, secret and enveloping sensuality. A mysterious signature that is subtle yet sophisticated.

A light-filled satin-finish lipstick.
Rose Pommette is a joyful and vibrant pink with a touch of wild rose. Its texture, as fine as it is rich, delivers vibrant, long-lasting color. It offers softness and comfort.

The limited edition Rouge Hermès object is refillable. Refills are not available for limited edition colors, but you can refill your lipstick with any other available color. Refills are sold separately.

Made in Italy

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爱马仕唇妆系列,是为双唇之美呈献的系列。它们是由Pierre Hardy亲手设计的独特美物,集诗意、功能与循环利用于一身。唇膏外壳是真正的可持续物件,以漆彩、镀金、亮面的金属制作,被帆布护套轻裹住,装入小小的橙色包装盒内。